BLOGSCAN - Labor Union Helps to Market Lipitor

In the Health Beat Blog, Maggie Mahar discussed how a branch of a labor union, the International Association of EMTS and Paramedics, an affiliate of The National Association of Government Employees (IAEP/SEIU), has been helping to market Lipitor (atorvastatin, by Pfizer Inc). I am not sure I have heard of previous cases of labor unions enlisted in stealth marketing efforts by pharmaceutical companies. Ms Mahar so far has not been able to elicit a coherent explanation from the union. Thanks to Dr Alicia Fernandez for blowing the whistle on this on. This also has been re-posted on the GoozNews blog. Although I have not previously heard of a case in which a labor union was helping to market a drug manufactured by a big pharmaceutical company, this is but one of many, many examples we have seen of reputable organizations taken in directions at odds with their missions by leaders with their own agendas.