BLOGSCAN - Sanofi-Aventis Teams with Mainstream Media to Promote Anatomy Education

On the PharmaGossip blog, there have been several recent posts about who now gets to be a pharmaceutical representative. This post is about a representative for an unnamed pharmaceutical company who is now appearing on the Big Brother television show. Her bio for the show features this self-description, "confident, agile and sexy." Two posts (here and here) are about "Playboy model" Cameron Haven, alleged to be a representative for Sanofi-Aventis. (Note: the links in these PharmaGossip posts are too explicit to open at work, or in the presence of children.)

Pharmaceutical marketers repeatedly argue that their main goal is physician education, so maybe they could argue that now they have teamed with mainstream media to increase the impact of anatomy education. Perhaps, though, if pharmaceutical companies really want to regain the reputation they once had, they ought to rethink sending Playboy models to "educate" physicians.